Andy's 1984 pontiac Fiero

This web page chronicles the resurrection and restoration of Andys 1984 Pontiac Fiero 2.5L (Bored 30 over with a comp cam).
This car came to me from my brother in law, it was in bad shape when my friend and I looked at it but it had some potential. Fieros are kool Iat the time I had been helping Gore upgrade his Fiero. To get my 1984 Fiero, I traded a truck bed for the Fiero. My brother inlaw needed it to sell a truck that he had and, I couldn't use the bed or sell it. So we traded and home came my Fiero.

car with no rear wheels

Right off the bat, this car didn't run. The timming gear was blown. We were going to just replace the blown gear but my Dad sugested that we do a complete tear down of the engine just incase there was something else wrong. So we removed the mottor.

Fiero's motor

There was nothing wrong with the rest of the motor. It was slightly rusty on one of the cylinder walls so I had the block bored out 30over. When I rebuilt the motor I put in a comp cam.
While the motor was out of the car I took the entire back end appart and spent the summer restoring the metal frame. There was alot of rust on the frame right by the wheel wells. This was all replaced with new metal. While restoring the frame I invented a way to help prevent new rust from forming by making "rain gards". I installed thease right over the wheel wells and the new battery tray. Once I had the frame restored I put the motor back in.

battery tray wheel well

In the junkyard I found a GT front bumper, the bumper was in ok shape but some of the mounting brackets were shot so I fond some new ones and made a new front plate out of some old bioler plate metal. This plate is 1/4 of an inch thick, I don't think it will ever rust away.

front bumper

Ok we have the frame done, the new front bumper on, Motors in. Time to drive! well allmost. The car would not run at first. Turns out I had missed one of the power connectors. The car won't run if theres no power going to the ECM! I felt like an idiot and my friend had a good laugh. At least we found the problem. With the car running we were able to test drive it. Turns out that the brakes are the original brakes from 1984. One of the rear calipers came lose on the way to work one day and turned the rotor chery red hot. Its a good thing that my brother followed me to work that day. I had to replace all of the brakes with new ones.

car being cleaned

Now I removed the side pannels because I had purchased some side scoops. The guy that sold them to me took forever. turns out that he didn't even have them done when he sold them on Ebay. I had to wait a mouth before I could get them. When they fianally showed up they weren't any good. By this point it was to late to complain or send them back. I ended up re-doing the whole side scoop just to get it to fit. I still have one panel to re-do.

car whit side scoop

As soon as I hade the motor rebuilt I took and installed the BIG wing. This is the wing that my car is known for. Its so big that it sticks up over other cars like a shark fin in a sea of cars. When I started searching for a wing I wanted something like the wing for a dogde road runner. Those wings turned out to be way out of my price $range$. Then I fond this light bar for a dogde truck. it was 10.5 inchs to wide and its suposed to face the other way. This wing used to be mounted behind the cab of the truck. Using two pieces of bioler plate I made two monting plates and attached the wing to the deck lid. The two flood lights are wired up to my revese lights. The center portion of the wing was cut and made 10.5 inches skinyer.

back view of wing shark fin close up of shortened wing section car so far

My car is running and I've been driving it everywere. The car's intererer was just as bad as the rest of the car. The head linner was removed and restored. That was easy for us to do. it only took us one night to replace the fabrick. Over the summer I took out parts and re-dyed them and now all of the pannels inside the car look brand new. We even found a perectly good dashboard from the junkyard to use.
Everything in the car was manual, nothing had power. One day my mom backed into my fiero. She broke the mirror and craked the fiberglass. it was a small crak but it still coast $500 to get it fixed. Her insurance gave me the money in cash so I was happy. When I went to get a replacement mirror they chared me $60 for it and it wasn't any good. The Mirror had a big dent in it. I returned the mirror and got my money back. A week latter I went to dalelee22 place and bought a whole door with power locks, power windows and a power mirrior for alot less than $60 bucks. I used the parts from that door to upgrade my door so that my door will have power everything. Latter I wnet back to Dales and got some more power door parts so that I could upgrade my other door. When I took the doors appart I also replaced all of the door seals.

car door appart bad seals make for rusty doors power lock unit and custom bracket new mounting screws finished door
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