Check out how I've converted this Power Wheels Big Foot into a gas powered go cart. I started this
little project when a neighbor down the road from
me was throughout one out.After checking our
inventory of parts, I went and asked for the old
toy, Sure enough he gave it to me. Since then,
We've reinforced the frame , added new
axles (front and back), Took out all the old
electronics, and added a
gear box and drive shaft.

The cover is still the original cover, but it needed to be
repainted and modified. The
front end had to be completely cut out (except the
sides) to fit in the new
engine.The body mounts had
to changed too (from the
cover to the front axle). The
rest of the cover was sanded down and painted.

The Go kart can't take alot of abuse (due to its small
frame and Wheel base)
So I plan to use it as a show Go cart in /car
shows/fairs/and mybe some parades.

2004 update, this project has been put on hold since the drive trains transmission has gone Kaput. Its currently buried in the shed.

2011 update, the go cart has been disassembled. the frame and the body have been scrapped, but all the other parts are still in my dad's garage.

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