Now theirs a new type of RC car to run.


This Butcher X is a design in radio
controlled cars.That has A very Short Wheel base for A
type of control and action.

This car has one off the SMALLEST WHEEL BASES EVER!
A Compacted Design!
A VERY Light Frame!
Uses Standard or customized radio EQ. and parts.

(Futaba, Green, Trinity, and much more!)

All parts for it can be bought at your local hobby store.

This car is designed to be small and compact.Its so small that every
thing is put together as if was a solid block.The frame is made of Aluminum
and is held together with sheet metal screws.(Nuts and bolts can be used instead)
It holds Standard size servos, 7.2v Rechargeable battery, electronic speed controller
(will not take mechanical),Am/Fm receiver, Monster Beetle or Black foot transmission
and axles.

NOTE: This car is to use professional RC Car parts (NOT RADIO SHACK JUNK CAR PARTS)

The Kit comes with=


What You need to complete it=
Radio-controller-w/2 channels + 2 servos + reviver
Motor standard or High performance
Battery, 7.2v
Wheels (not to big / 2" or 3")
Gear Box (Black Foot or Monster Beetle)
Axles / gears / bushings or bearings / oil
a Front Bumper

please note that the car can not be
purchased yet, for I am still designing the
tools to make it.

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