DDR Dance Dance Revolution Game Pad

Dungeon Studio's Custom Build DDR Dance pad. Made from high quality cabinet grade 7 ply birch. Each arrow
consist of four points of contact for high sensitivity. Each Arrow has 5 metal springs for fast response
time. The Pad works with PC and xBox360 by USB connection. This pad works great with Step Mania and OpenITG,
both programs are available free online.

This pad is based off of Monkeys design but changed slightly. The design has been field tested at many
conventions like Bronycon, Trotcon and multiple Maker Fairs and some random parties. Check out the videos
below to see the Pad in action:
This Pad has been tested at a level 14 with a 75% pass(OpenITG rating). Everyone wants to have a DDR Arcade
Machine but they are pretty big, this Pad measures 36" x 32" x 2" inches and can easily be stored away. A must
have for parties!
common misspellings: ddr, open in the groove, danc, wod, pade, arow, arrows,

wood ddr dance pad

Payment: $250.00 ea

wood ddr dance pad
wood ddr dance pad
wood ddr dance pad
wood ddr dance pad
wood ddr dance pad

wood ddr dance pad


The item weighs 40lbs and will ship Fedex
($70.00 and up Depending on location. Please
Email me to find out Exact shipping charge).
Packing and handling = $20. the paypal link
is set at $90.00 for shipping since the
calculator does not work. any overpayment will
be refunded.