Here is a nice old track Andy picked up at a auction. The track it
self looks to be 20 years old. We had to scrap rat crap off of the
track and out of the groves. The track was stored for toooo long.
The cars were in better shape. I fond them in a box, with the track.
We got all the cars to run and they run really great too, but since
they are old and brittle and probably worth a lot, they are not used.
The cars sit in a glass case up stairs in my room with the door locked.
Andy will try to have pics of them too, soon, no really.

T Jet slot and peg track

The Tracks

That was a lot of work!
now its time for some root beer.

One more shot of the track

These are the cars that came with the track. I have since sold three of these cars


My Dad's old 1/24 scale Slot car track
This is just a small part of the track
Custom controller made by Andy
Custom made by Andy
^ ^
^ ^
^ ^

Here are some more of my HO scale Slot cars

one more picture of my cars

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