Here are some pictures of Tonka Trucks that Dungeon Studios has collected over the years. The collection started Back when Andy's parents bought him Tonka Trucks as a child. Andy then found a huge amount of Tonka Trucks at his fathers friends house. His fathers friend lived right next store to were his father grew up. So these were Tonka Trucks that his Father had played with.

Since then Andy has been on the lookout for good or rare Tonka Trucks to add to the Dungeon Studios collection. If you want to know were some good places are to find Tonka Trucks You can try:

-Flea Markets -Ebay -Junk Yards (I've found 4 trucks by looking junk yards) -Tag sales (or garage sales, what ever you call them) -and house auctions

Some of the Tonka Trucks are stored in doors, These are the rare or expensive ones. While the other Trucks are stored in the garage to help preserve them from rust and time. The following list will have some broken links until I get all of the picture developed.

Tonka Pay Loader /w one ready for restoration

Really old Gradder that's missing its plow

Tonka Excavators

Tonka Steam Rollers LARGE!

Play School Steam Roller

Tonka Gremlin

Old mac Dum truck, with spring dump

Tonka crane, newer

LARGE! Tonka Bulldozers

Tonka Chevy Flat Bed Pickup Truck

Old Chevy Dump Truck, with spring dump

Tonka Scarper!

Newer Tonka tow truck

Fire House, home made

Newer Gradders

Car Careier

Fire Trucks (really bad shape)

Old chevy truck

Logging Truck

Green Dually, restored and modified many years ago

Escavators and cranes

Dump Trucks

Tonka JeeP

Gi Joe Tank, Its not by Tonka but its still cool

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