Dungen Studeos Bikes 2008-04-04

Well to put it simple...
We took some spare Bike parts.

Then choped it all up, bent and welded, to make the new frames and stuff.

This is one Bike that we made, It was supposed to be a montain bike but we
could not get the shock to work properly.

Here is the little bike shed were all the stuff is stored.

It also makes for a good work shop.

We can't foget my old GT, with the trailer!
bike trailer home brew 12 speed bike trailer home brew 12 speed
Of course Andy painted it, looks good.
This bike is an old GT that my dad and I modified to have
12 speeds and a trailer. The trailer is great since it can
hold an good 300 lbs or more, and with the 12 speeds on the
bike you can acually pull it! Its also fun to give your friends
rides on it.

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