Dungen Studeos SCAMS Here is a few of the scams that we have come accross.

Free Play
We have discovered the scam of bootlegging cds for the play station. It was called chipping and it is not ilegal. but once you do it you can play bootlegged cd and forin cds. Oh but it viods the useless warenty.

Cheep Land
We have also fond one of the orignal ad's for land that was for sale back in the 70's. This land is beleaved to be the land that was for sale in Florida for a cheep price. The land later turned out to be swamp land and was covered with water, wich began the saying "If you beleave that then, I have some land in florida that I can sell you."

Dead Bidder
Since the world of Ebay We have made a lot of money selling our old electronic stuff but recently we have run into a problem. When selling an item on ebay, a user placed a bid for one of our items. At the autions end that user had won the item. When contacting him for the clossing of the auction all he would do is email us saying "I will send check". We received numeruse emails saying the same thing but we never recieved the check.

during the week after the auction we recieved an email from the user but this time the user had used a difrent email accont. When we looked up that accont on ebay we fond out that there were two user names that were being used by one user. It turns out that the user would use one accont to sell popular items then, using there secound accont they would bid on simular items and then not pay for them.

Not only does this help his items to sell but, it makes the users competition lose out on listing fees.

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