When I (andy) lived in Connecticut, Me and my brother built a big tree fort in the tree by the driveway. Our friends Peter and John helped us build it. I had started this fort by trying to build a platform up in the tree. It didn't work so I took it down. The tree wasn't just one tree, there were three trees all growing right next to each other. While growing up we had climbed and played on those trees so we new just about every knot on them. Since my platform idea did not work we tryed using all the trees and we came up with three platforms (or floors) that could be made.

The tree fort was great, we topped it off with a peaked roof (complete with shingles). The third floor was insulated with stiraform so it stayed nice and warm during the winter with the help of two or three candles.

Snap shot of 3rd floor

This tree fort used to have an elevator that ran up the front of the fort. There were two twenty foot long two by fours That guided the elevator up and down all three floors. It used a block and tackle to go up and down. The elevator itself was only 2'wide x 2'long x 3'high so we only used it for equipment and not for people. One day when we were not home some of the kids in town decided to go play in it, when they tried to lift a kid up in the elevator the rope snapped and the elevator came crashing down. The kid wasn't hurt he only fell ten feet but we told all of the kids that they were trespassing. As for the elevator, I never put it back up because I couldn't afford to buy another 100' rope.

The second floor was complete with three walls but it didn't have a door to close off the space were the elevator was. The second floor had a nice glass window, cedar wood floor, and a shelf that was built into the wall.

Snap shot #1 of 2nd floorSnap shot #2 of 2nd floor

Now the first floor wasn't much of a floor. (3' x 4' i'm guessing) But I built it since there was a spot there that worked good. Even though this floor has no walls it still worked good as a place to hide for games like hide and go seek or laser tag and water balloon fights.

Snap shot of 1st floor

Now as every body knows I now live in ohio. When we moved from CT we had to take the tree fort down. While taking the fort down we filmed the demolition. The master copy of the demolition is two hours long. It took me, and my father just to get the roof off. The thing is, is that we had to leave the trees and the fort was build so well that we had to take it apart piece by piece. I plain on making a highlighted film of the Tree Fort Demolition. So be sure to check the link below for the film.

As for our friends Peter and John. Well they still had a place to go to, to hang out. Before I moved we built a Tee Pee out in the woods. It was covered with old plastic tarps and had a fire ring in the center. Johns dad also let him use the atic of the shed as a hang out place. Of all the forts that my friends and I have built I liked this tree fort the best.

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