Hello and welcome to Dungeon Studios. Dungeon Studios
was made up so that we would have a production name for
our movie that we made (Elmos 21). We decided to call it
Dungeon Studios, because all our equipment was located in the
basement, and wasn't worth crap. We like to make home
movies and funny skits. We also work on side projects
(look in Dungeon Projects to see some of them).

^ ^ ^

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The Studio is forever growing. Being located in Akron Ohio, gives the company access
to many major cities. Dungeon Studios deals with Prototyping
as well as producing. If your company needs a new part, program,
concept or a reinvention, then give Dungeon Studios a call.

Please keep in mind that prototyping is very
expensive, when calling, it may be better to
schedule a meeting to discus idea's.

If you wish to know more, then write to Dungeon Studios at=
Dungeon Studios
1324 Hite st
Akron oH. 44307

or call at=
1-(330)-814-6103 Please leave a message.
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Dungeon Studios Page History

My first web page was hosted by yahoo, on one of there free web pages.
at first there wasn't much up there.

-I had a gallery of about 12 pictures
-A guest list that was called (death certificates)
-A bunch of animated gifs
-A list of bands.
-computer programs that were never posted.
-A big list of hardware that if someone wanted it, they could email and ask to buy it.

This is how the page stayed for some years. I did a bunch of updates to the page but
nothing would really work. One big addition that worked was the guest book but, Yahoo
had control of the CGI bin so there wasn't much that I could do with it.
One big break through was when I got my page registered with some no-name search engine.
This actually provided some hits to my web page. I had my page listed with yahoo search
but it didn't show up in any of the results unless you spelled the name Exactly.

There were problems with my web page graphics not loading. I thought it was just Yahoo's
server's being down. At least that's what I thought for a long time. Later on I learned
that my page only had so much band-width and once that band-width got used up Yahoo would
stop loading my page. So it seamed that every time someone would go to my page it would
use up all my band-width in that one visit. hahahaha, oh wait, that joke was on me...

1999 2002
So the page really doesn't work. I started working on the web page locally. I had a ton of
stuff added to my page. It was looking great but no one else could see it. By now I had
started selling stuff on ebay a lot.

A friend of mine started his own web hosting service and after helping him with fixing his
car he gave me some web page space. Now my web page is hooked up. I can do uploads from home.
Having a Local server allows me to edit web pages right at the server. I have full control of
all CGI PHP and html programs.
My page still lags in current updates, but I have been active with Akroncdnr with there web
page designs and have helped them with work on rent-a-coder.com. Those pages are geared to
making money were-as my page is geared towards showing off.
What will come in the future

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