Check out some of our Arduino Programing

Here is the Firmware that we use for the Wooden DDR Pads.
The pads use an Arduino Lenardo. You can program them using
the pads USB cable. Once programmed the pads will act as a
keyboard. You can test them using Notepad.

"DDR_pad_keyboard_emulator.ino" is the latest version:
DDR_pad_keyboard_emulator.inoDDR Pad Firmware

Here are Older versions of the firmware:
DDR Pad A DDR Pad A Firmware
DDR Pad B DDR Pad B Firmware
DDR Pad C DDR Pad C Firmware
DDR Pad D DDR Pad D Firmware
Model Rocket Telimitry Program
Written by Tiny-Circuits

DEC-BIN.BASA QBasic SUB rutine for converting Decimal to Binary
SPY Hunter.BASSPY HUNTER ver-004 game (using the Driving QBasic game engine
MANYKEY1.basAn input reading program
CIR-TUT.BASA Tutorial program that shows you how to draw every type of circle
QDRIVE-6.BASDRIVING QBASIC version-6!!! Drive Today!
NiBBleS You get to be a snake and you eat numbers. Made By Microsoft
Gorillas You and an opponent are gorillas and you through bananas at each other.Made By Microsoft
GooBer A cartoon.Made By A.Buczko to make fun of Microsoft
A.S.B. A collection of songs and games.By A.Buczko
Color chart Shows all of the colors for basic screen mode.By A.Buczko
Animation #1 Simple animation.By A.Buczko
Colors ! Draws lines in a lot of diffrent colors.By A.Buczko
Circle #1 Draws A pulsating oval.By A.Buczko
Circle #2 Draws a portion of A circle.By A.Buczko
Alien Screen Display Screen Saver
3D - Diamond Draws A rotating diamond (false 3D). By A.Buczko
Driving QBasic! ver-1 Go Drive a dot across your monitor today! By A.Buczko
A4-LOGO diag. I used this prog to make my virtual LOGO. By A.Buczko
LOGO DR Logo being moved. By A.Buczko
logo dr source codeBy A.Buczko
LOGO ST Logo being scaled. By A.Buczko
Logo st source codeBy A.Buczko

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