Type: Laser cut wood frame
Scale: G scale / Garden scale
Running gear: Wood trucks, plastic wheels
Connection type: Bachmann knuckle couplers
Material: PLastic tank with metal chains
Overal demintions: 14 L x 6 H x 3.5 W
Wheel width: 2 inch overal, 1.75 outside of the flanges
Tank 2 Arizona ice tea bottles
Tanker car wieght: 1 lbs

Andrew Buczko

Dungeon Studio's Custom Built Lser Train tanker car. Made from 1/8 laser cut plywood. The tank is made using two Arizona ice tea bottle joined together. Wheels are 3D printed PLA. The tanker car uses Bachmann knuckle couiplers. This tanker car works great with G scale train sets. This train car was designed by Andy Buczko in MsPaint / VCarve from scratch.

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posted 12 May 2015

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